Name:  Ariel Jesalia

Alias(s):  Desert Flower, Peacemaker,

Age:  20

Blood Type:  A

Species:  Human

Weapon(s) of Choice:  N/A (She is a Pacifist)

Armor:  None

Fighting Style:  None

Hobbies:  Taking Care of the Poor and Sick

Likes:  Flowers, Green Grass, People

Dislikes:  Hatred, Greed, and especially War

            A young woman raised in the harsh desert winds of Arret, yet pure at heart.  Many people wonder how such a kind and beautiful girl came to be in the Hot Sands and terrible conditions that blight the Desert Planet. 

           Not only do her idealistic views make her stand out, but she is strikingly different from the other women in the Last Oasis Village of which she calls home.  Her hair is of a distinctive silver, almost as oddly places as that of the blue-haired warrior, X, of which she is close friends with.  Rumors say she is a Goddess in disguise, but she simply laughs this off as some practical joke.

            She doesn't approve of the ways of dealing with starvation the bandits use, as they fight in a coliseum to see who has the right to live and die on such a miserable planet.  And so, she gives refuge and any food stores she has to anyone in need, even if she herself is barely managing.  But somehow she always seems to be the bright spot in this hot desert planet.

            Several have asked her why she is so kind, and she simply replies that a little blonde-haired child met her when she was little and treated her with kindness not found in all of Arret, and so she wishes to repay the favor to anyone she sees.  Perhaps she'll see that boy again someday.