Name:  Blade Galewind

Alias(s):  Edgemaster, Golden Terror, Switchblade

Age:  21

Blood Type:  A

Species:  Enhanced Human

Weapon(s) of Choice:  Altima/Excalibur/Ragnarok/Griever's Heart/Masamune

Armor:  Mechan-Titanium Shoulder Guards

Fighting Style:  Varies based on Weapons Used

Hobbies:  Spending Money/Sleeping

Likes:  Competition/Fighting

Dislikes:  Boorish Military Types

            A local Bounty Hunter of Terra, considered good-natured, a bit lazy, at times thoughtful, can be really annoying, especially to more serious-minded adventurers.

           He starts out without a care in the world.   Then a woman who demands protection in exchange for money, reminds him of a promise he made as a child. That promise leads him on a quest that will forever change his personal outlook, and transform him into a great hero...or perhaps the downfall of mankind?