Name:  Dublic Zeva

Alias(s):  Son of Death

Age:  5 Years Dead (although he looks 25)

Blood Type:  Unanalyzeable

Species:  Necromidian (formerly Human)

Weapon(s) of Choice:  Various Knives, Ghost Divider

Armor:  None

Fighting Style:  Necromidian Ninjutsu

Hobbies:  Drinking at Bars, Slaying Demons, Sex, Collecting Skulls

Likes:  Sake (Rice Wine), Anyone who will Fight Him

Dislikes:  Bisu Beer, Orcs, Not having Sex

            Dublic is Necromidian, that is, he was once a Living Human, but through a form of Necromancy practiced by his native Ninja village (he will never disclose the name or location), he is able to remain alive as an Undead Assassin.  This allows him to withstand the harshest of natural environments and go without food and water for years (although he misses Sake after a Day or so).

           He works as a Hired Sword and Mercenary for hire to the Highest Bidder, and during a temporary stint aboard Pirate Captain Stingray's ship as a Guard for some precious cargo, he became close friends with the then-mercenary Blade Galewind.  The ship was suddenly attacked by a hoard of Orcs and the Cargo lost, but due to some luck and Ninjutsu Ki, he and Blade made it out alive.

            Dublic parted ways with Blade when they had reached Canvasse a port town south of Kiln, but that does not mean that their paths won't cross again.  Dublic is enigmatic, but that does not mean he is unwilling to help his allies in a fight, assuming the price is right.

            Maybe Blade will see Dublic in the near future, who knows?