Name:  Fusonin Regolith (formerly X)

Alias(s):  Althirez (a false moniker), Bluescar (bounty hunter title)

Age:  Unknown

Blood Type:  O

Species:  Lunarian (Evolved Human?)

Weapon(s) of Choice:  Chaosblade or Anything with Destructive Power

Armor:  Glyph-Guards and Darcmythril Plates

Fighting Style:  Meta-Combat

Hobbies:  Picking Fights

Likes:  His Master Kaioshin

Dislikes:  Blade Galewind

            His childhood is blackened with mystery and tragedy, as he was apparently abandoned by his Parents and forced to fend for himself in the harsh desert world of Arret.  Adopted by a wandering troupe of Bandits, he was ensconced in the ways of the Black Assassin Arts.  The nature of this fighting style borders between Berserker and a type of Magic Infused Meta-Combat, using the surrounding elements as a powerful weapon.

            He is considered "different" from his peers insomuch that he seldom ever gets injured in a battle as most attacks seem to have no effect on him, and is noted most particularly because of his Blue Hair.  He is short-tempered, impatient, and serious to a fault, making him the exact opposite of his Nemesis and Rival, Blade Galewind.

            How he and Blade met is relatively unknown, what is known however, is that the two share similar super-physical ability and resistance to physical harm, that and the fact that the times they have encountered each other have either resulted in inflicting unexplainable scars on their persons or destroying the entire area in which they fought.

            Since his time on Arret, he has recently obtained the sword Chaosblade, and is considered a potential risk to the stability of Terra and Arret.  He is extremely dangerous, even without this sword, and because of the Chaosblade, it is better to avoid him at all costs.