Name:  Raku Izumi

Alias(s):  Smarmy Elf, Mr.Ego, Bish(whatever that is...)

Age:  16

Blood Type:  Unknown

Species:  Half Elf

Weapon(s) of Choice:  Enchanted Claymore

Armor:  Defensive Magics

Fighting Style:  Sword-Sorcery

Hobbies:  Pulling pranks with his friend Tak, skipping Alchemy Class, Being Obnoxious

Likes:  Swords, Things that go "Boom", Attention, Friends

Dislikes:  Grumps like Fusonin, Being looked down on, Being the most Popular

            Raku hails from a Powerful Magic Academy, or rather, he ran away from it. His constant craving for knowledge combined with his uncanny knack for getting into trouble, lands his friends into some tricky situations. But nothing a little magic couldn't fix. He acts somewhat immature and selfish at times, but he's very brave at heart. All he really wants is to find out who he is and where he really came from.

            But that simple need to find out about his origins will lead this White-haired mage on a journey that will leave him forever changed, he may never be the same ever again...and that's what scares him the most!