Name:  Rath Natakaru

Alias(s):  Fire Lord, Wrath, Red Dragon

Age:  21 (9 in Dragon Years)

Blood Type:  AB

Species:  Draconic

Weapon(s) of Choice:  Gungnir

Armor:  Enchanted Dragon Scales

Fighting Style:  Sayanko Spear Style

Hobbies:  Revenge, Cooking, Reading Books

Likes:  Eating Ceremonial Meals, Telling Jokes

Dislikes:  Demons, Traitors to the Clan, Too much Attention, Bad Food

            After discovering that his brother not only stole his family's prized heirloom Gungnir, but slaughtered his closest kin, Rath sets out on a journey to avenge his family and fallen comrades, eventually losing track of his traitorous brother Malus.

           He bides his time...becoming a knight-for-hire, waiting for the chance to find his brother and get his revenge. But one fateful encounter with the tempestuous life of Blade Galewind and the little Mage known as Raku Izumi, and his quest for vengeance would become much much more. His motives and actions are unquestionably deliberate, so most dare not get in the way of his ideals, for they would expect a spear to their throat. He is passive with his friends, however, so it's rare to really set him off.