OkayÖ.hereís the excerpts:


"Heiri!" Raku was running across a grassy field. He was small, maybe about ten years old, but he made good distance as he ran.

"Heiri!" he called out again. Before him stood a tall, black-haired man around the age of 20. He held a long-bow in his strong, long arms and a full quiver was strapped to his back. Behind the man began the border of a forest, which loomed darkly over him.

"Raku," the man said with a faint smile. His voice was deep, soft and even as he spoke, and he set his bow down to intercept Raku's leap into his arms.

"How many did you get, Heiri? Huh, huh? A lot, it looks like!" he pointed down at the bag of bird carcasses. "You're so amazing, Heiri!" Raku rambled energetically, laughing.

Heiri shook his head slowly. "Practices pays off, little one," he told Raku, poking his forehead. "Remember that."

Raku scrunched up his nose in disgust. "You're always saying stuff like that, Heiri. It's weird."

Chuckling, Heiri ruffled the white tangles on his little brother's head. "Let's get you home, now, it's getting late."

"But, Heiri, I want to learn how to use a bow like you!" Raku whined.

"No, no. It's not safe to be out here now. Here," he handed Raku the bow, "you can carry this back home."

"YAY! Heiri's the best!" Raku cried. Heiri picked him up and swung the bag over his opposite shoulder, then walked off toward their home.

From a tree in the forest, a dark figure stood on a branch, watching the pair as they left. The figure snorted in revulsion, and disappeared.

Later that night, Raku was tucked tightly into bed when he heard his mother and father talking to Heiri.

"I will not allow you to do this, Heiri!" his mother said sternly, folding her arms across her chest.

"But, mother, our village is in danger! There's a murderer milling about, he's already got the blacksmith's son, and--"

"This does not concern us," his father's eyes were fixed down on the table. "Our house is far enough away from the village to be out of danger's way. Don't go nosing into their troubles."

"No one else is going to stand up to this murder, so what's going to happen when there's no one left in the village to kill? This WILL be our problem, Father," Heiri said calmly, though with a certain intensity in his voice.

"Think about your brother, Heiri! What happens if you don't come back?" his mother asked, finding tears in her eyes at the thought of losing her first child.

"He's a strong boy," Heiri replied quietly, at a loss for words. What would Raku do? The little orphan boy they found wandering out of the forest nine years ago--this was the only family he had ever known. And, his parents... Heiri was their only legitimate son. He couldn't just abandon them, could he?

"I'm sorry, but this is something I need to do," he said in a trembling voice, lowering his head. "I have the confidence to believe that I'm capable of defeating this murderer, so don't worry about me!" Armed with nothing more than his bow and quiver, Heiri hurried out the door before any protest could be made.

It was the last time Raku could hear his brother's voice.

Raku whispered into his pillow, "Good luck, Heiri..."

Shivering, Raku tossed and turned in his makeshift bed, his arms wrapped tightly around himself as he shivered, murmuring "Heiri"...


Hereís More of it:


Raku, unaware of the evils surrounding him, was still dreaming.

"HEIRI!" Raku was calling out his brother's name again. Although, this time in fear.

Heiri was struggling to get to his feet, while a dirty, tattered red-haired man stood above him, laughing. His brother's bow lay broken on the ground, though his quiver remained strapped to his back. What was going on? Raku thought subconsciously. Was he reliving his brother's death...?

"Don't even bother to get up!" laughed the man, bracing his foot against Heiri's shoulder and shoving him down. "Fool.." he snarled.

How could his brother be put on the ground by such a scrawny guy? He had a whip in his hand, but from what Raku could observe, there were no wounds anywhere upon Heiri's body.

The man leaned down and whispered, "Let me hear you scream again..." He raised his hand into the air and shouted something in a language Raku could not understand, then from the darkness of the night sky came a bolt of lightning that scored on Heiri. He let out a scream of pain as he writhed, and the man laughed again.

"NO!" Raku yelled. There was no reaction. Was he even physically there?

"I'm...not.." Heiri croaked. Then, louder, "I'm NOT letting you toy with me like this.."

"I don't believe you," the man replied in a sing-song voice, obviously not taking Heiri seriously.

Suddenly, in one swift (yet painful) motion, Heiri's legs swung under the man's feet and knocked him to the ground, and before he knew it, Heiri planted one of his arrows into the man's chest.

"Check...mate.." After barely getting to his feet, Heiri stumbled forward and collapsed, never to move again.

"HEIRI!" This time as Raku screamed, he found himself surrounded by darkness, and the faint, eerie forms of transparent humans. Their heads simultaneously turned to him, and they dissipated.

"I'm sorry..." Raku whispered, sobbing uncontrollably, his arms wrapped tightly around himself.


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