The Best Things about a Woman…


The soft skin, the spindle-wisp hair, the sing-song voice without a care, the fine-tipped fingers, the sweet smell in the air, these are the best things about a woman.


The nurturing touch, the gentle caress, how could a man love anything less? The hourglass curves, the swinging gait, it’s hard enough for most men to walk straight.


The statuette poise, the prim manner, these are things men are after, the flowing dress, the shapely breasts, and Oh! the loving tenderness, the best traits of a woman.


The bubbly humor, the snapping wit, every man likes these quite a bit, the trademark smile, the classy style, these things make men run from miles.


But best, yes best of the things about a woman, is the Godly heart and gentle soul, those things that keep her loving and make her glow. Such things as joy, peace, the patience of saints, kindness, goodness, and very importantly a heart of  faith, gentleness, and the control of self for others’ sake.


These are the best things about a woman.


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