Goddess, oh Goddess wherefore art thou?

Pray tell me thy wish and I wilt present it.

Thine vision is thus the very thing that doth keep myself in existence.

But thine heart is the very thing that shalt keep mine heart from tearing asunder.


Goddess, oh Goddess, Lady of the Dawn,

Cast off thy burdens, and I wilt carry thee.

Thy form is verily a vast treasure, a dream by such circumstance.

But thy love is the great thing, the love of heartfelt kindness sets mine akinder.


Goddess, lovely Goddess, Vesture of the Night

Send thy shining heart down unto me.

Thy grace is the fulfillment of many a splendor, many a splendid thing.

But mightiest of all is thy love, the strength of this, bears me on its shoulders.



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