Apprciation for my Mother...


For taking time to wipe my tears,

And hugging away all my fears,

For putting a cool cloth on my head,

And tucking me warmly in my bed,

For staying up when I had a fever,

And maintaining love through prayer,

For saying 'no' when I wanted 'yes',

And maintaining what was for me the best,

For praising me when it was needed,

And celebrating when I succeed,

For sending me encouragement when I was down,

And keeping me company when there was no one else around,

When tears came you cried with me,

When I needed love you gave all you could give me,

For liking me and all my quirks and changes,

For teaching me what the meaning of love is,

When I became a man, you taught me gentleness,

Becoming a man, you showed me never to settle for less,

When I had all but thrown my creativity away,

You taught me new things to think about and say,

For slapping me back into my senses,

And at the same time, showing mercifulness,

For teaching me thoughtfulness and responsibility,

And promising to fulfill the dreams that come to me,

For being strong when you were hurting,

For keeping dignity in the worst of feelings,

When everyone left, you were still there,

Even though you're gone, your heart's still here,

As for all the things we've said, done, and felt,

I love you mom, and I have a promise I'll say I kept.


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