A Promise


Though I never met you

When I was born,

God promised me

You'd come.


Though I didn't know you

When you came,

God promised me

You'd come.


After all the love you gave me

And I was still trying to remember your name,

God promised me,

And you came.


Though growing up keeps me from you

And getting lonely feels like pain.

God loves me,

'Cause you came.


And when I get grandkids for you,

And I'm trying to figure out their names

I'll be a Godly father, like you

'Cause you came.


*And even though mom isn't here,

And things may never be the same,

Despite all that I'm grateful for what God promised,

Because you still came.


Even though you left Ďcause Mom hurt you

And more and more things change

Even after all the stuff weíve been through Iím grateful

Because you came.


Because of what happened with Dad and Me

This Poem may seem somewhat strange.

Iíve come back to terms with all the loss and tragedy.

Because HE came.


And now that Godís with me Iím happy.

And things with him wonít ever change.

Iíve learned that heís always been with me.

He never had to comeÖ


He was always there.


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