Would you like to come with me?

Would you like to feel the wind whip across your face, the grass in its tandem waves flowing across endless fields?

Would you like to feel soft flowers and their petals brush up against your hands?

Would you like to hear the nightling gale sing its soft song, or the cicada's rhythmic hum?

Would you follow the dusty trails worn by travelers down through valleys and passes?

Would you climb hills so green or bluffs so high?

Would you smell the salty saline waves of the oceanic expanse?

Would you follow the stars, your heart the map, your mind the compass, while the waves licked the sides of a wooden boat?

Would you revel in the rain, the storm, and yes, even the thunder and lightning itself, to brave it all?

Would you climb cliffs so high and canyons so broad, your echo would get lost among the winds?

Would you traverse heat of jungle and cold of tundra, just to follow me?

Would you grasp a sword or a shield, would you bear heavy armor, just to go with me?

Would you follow the path of a warrior, a hunter, a wanderer, a messenger, just to be with me?

Would you brave darkness, traverse an abyss, fight evil, just to follow me?

Would you face incredible odds, pass through fire, risk your very life, just to come with me?

No? But you see, I was with thee.

I was with you before you were born, I was with you during that loud storm, I was with you that terrible night, I was with you when you got in that fight, I was with you when you got lost, I was with you when you had to face your boss, I was there when you thought you were alone, I was there when you worked your fingers down to the bone, I was watching while you slept, good memories you forgot I kept, when times were hard I was there, especially when you needed tnder loving care, when you forgot me I forgave you, when you forsook me I foresaved you, when you needed love I gave it, when you needed a way I made it, when our foot tracks on the beach went form two to one, it was not I that left you alone, it was I who was carrying you in the sun.

Would you live for me? I died for you.


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