Traversing Life


Facing every morning that shines,

I wake to find thoughts in my mind,

About what would happen to me this day.


To some things I draw the line,

And yet other things to me are just fine,

But that is not the happenstance of today.


When I consider, in my mind,

What God has planned out or refined,

It gives me hope to take along the way.


Others say let the fates decide,

Me, I let the Spirit be my guide,

So that, walking down the path, I donít stray.


Given the choice of narrow path or wide,

I choose the straight and narrow side,

And thusly and thus, my feet donít betray.


But there are times when the thin strip is hard,

And faith causes me to wander around in the dark,

Hoping and praying for some other way.


But God is patient, God is kind,

He wonít let me slip or slide,

So I have to trust him cause thereís no better way.


God is loving, God pays mind,

So heíll listen if you need to cry

And fix things that really need fixing, without compensation pay.


So next time you feel like crud,

Or people tell you youíre a stick-in-the-mud

Ask God to fix it and things will always be okay.


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