Terra Locations---


Northern Heights- Well known for their frigid climates, the heights are very difficult to cross on foot, one slip can be fatal on its icy slopes.  This area is where the legendary Black Dragon lives, a vile beast that forces the people of the Solstice Plateau to pay it tribute.


Pirate’s Cove- A well hidden passageway tucked among impassable rocky peninsulas houses the largest collection of cutthroats, murderers, and thieves.  The only bright spot in this place is the warm heart of the boisterous and ridiculously strong captain, Stingray.  His is the only ship that can cross the massive torrents of the whirlpools of Great Gaia to head south and across to the West Continent.


Great Gaia- The river itself spans enough to be a lake, but its incredible current keeps anyone from saying otherwise.  At its mouth is the Wind Waterfall, named so because of its height and the way the wind affects the flow of the water from the falls.


Gaia Falls- The tremendous falls at the end of Great Gaia have a crushing current of their own, and have been known to drag even the largest boats into their jaws. But the power that comes out of the falls is not here, but in a small cavern northwest of the falls.


Chaos Cave- It is said that a great warrior hid this world’s greatest weapon in this cave, and designated 5 mythical fiends to guard it.  A spell binds the place in such a way, that only one person can enter at a time, anyone else is repelled.  And usually that person never comes out.


Grassland Plateau- On this vast grassy flatland lies the simple town of Kiln.  It is simple in appearance, but well known for its history of great blacksmiths.  The people here generally live in quiet, secluded homes, except for one local by the name of Blade.  This, of course, isn’t his real name; he acquired it after finding the highly prized sword Altima in the Frost Forest nearby.  He is well known for being the only person in the entire town that trained to be a knight, instead of a blacksmith or artisan.  No one knows his true name, all that is known is that he was born and raised here.


Frost Forest- The forest’s name is a misnomer, the climate here is warm and seldom cold.  It is named so because of the ashen colored trees and branches that wrap themselves about the aviary.  According to the inhabitants of Kiln, a border war was started here approximately 15 years ago.  The result set the outer portion of the forest ablaze.  Some of the innocent villagers had died, and only a little boy was seen left alive during the incident.  He disappeared soon after, and was assumed to have died in the heart of the forest.


Iron Bridge- Built by the dwarves of the underground, the bridge is the only way to cross the Great River on foot.  Should someone fall off the bridge…


Canvass- A town west and south of Kiln, that is not unlike it.  The only thing that separates Canvass and Kiln is the Great River, but often times the Iron Bridge is the only route.  Canvass is much bigger, more like a city than a town, but its inhabitants choose to leave it as such.  Where Kiln is a renaissance for art and blacksmithery, Canvass is a town of commerce.  Being a port town, it is constantly the hub of trade.  As of late, though, it has been preyed upon by the local Pirates.  They have hidden themselves somewhere along the East Continent’s coast.


Brusch- This port-town on the West Continent has recently begun trade with Canvass.  It is a gathering place for all manner of mercenaries and guilds, since quite often there is a need for dispute and conflict resolution.  Fiends are over-abundant in the Darc Forest surrounding the town, and therefore there is quite a bundle of profit to be made.


Mechan- Out of all the cities in world of Terra, Mechan is the most technologically advanced.  Nestled in the Wall Mountain range with its massive buildings and spires, strange modes of transport, and roads of light, it is truly a sight to behold.  Unfortunately, the peace-loving community is being harassed by a secretive Assassins’ Guild.  And they have a mark on a certain Professor Sealglitch’s head.


Wall Mountains- Named so because even the strongest climbers cannot ever hope to reach the top of any of the peaks due to a massive wind of hurricane force that could blow them off into an abyss.  Most do not know what lies on the other side of the range.


Ether- A far cry south of Brusch on the Western Continent, it is where the sages gather and practice their rituals.  Prophets, mages, and spectators alike come to watch the religious-like performance.  It is said that there is a Prophet Sage among them capable of drifting between dimensions.


Java- Beyond the Dark Forest near Brusch lies the small town of Java.  Poets, scribes, monks, and sages live in this peaceful town, but one uninspired Monk, Eror has had trouble writing anything down lately.


Duste and Painte- Bordering neighbor towns that have been feuding for the past thirty years.  Even the local authorities fled for their lives.  One gun-fighter in particular has the guts to take on the local desperadoes, but he has no gun.


Nirvana Lake- This is perhaps the most peaceful place on the face of Terra, people and animals have gone here for centuries in quiet solitude.  It is a sanctuary of sorts, with a great mystery lying on its bottom.  The place is enchanting, almost as if under a spell, and the haunting sounds of the song of a mysterious woman fill the air on moon-lit nights.


Shadow Island- Further west of Mechan, it is the official location of the Assassins’ Guild.  A fortress brimming with soldiers, traps, and weaponry of all kinds, it would take a person of considerable stealth and skill to infiltrate it.  Escaping is another matter entirely.


Shrine to the Wind- According to legend, an island was torn from the face of the ocean and formed a massive hurricane barrier about itself.  No one can locate it because it is always moving.  Only the swift of flight could reach it.


Shrine to the Water- Besides being completely submerged miles and miles down in the depths of Terra’s Ocean, massive walls of currents block the entranceway, anything caught in the currents is torn to shreds.


Shrine to the Light- Supposed by most to be an illusion, it is said to appear in the Northern Heights on the Dawn of the first day of Spring, and then to disappear when that day ends.


Shrine to the Lightning- Unknown to most except the sages, this shrine is located on a floating island in the sky, nearly impossible to reach except through the technology of the metropolis of Mechan.


Anul Locations---


Arena Ruins- An ancient lost civilization must have had a sort of arena held in the trenches of this moon.  Or perhaps the arena was made in preparation…for what?  The unanswerable mystery lies in the ruins beyond the arena that suggest that something had been sealed away for a time, and broke loose, leaving a scar on Anul’s surface.


Void Crystal- A stone is placed in front of this crystal’s altar that cannot be read.  The sages say it is a forbidden gateway, strangely this same place appears on the moon of Luna.


Arret Locations---


Last Oasis- More of a village than a town.  This is the home of the Bandits, a group of nomadic thieves that scour the desert looking for signs of the green.  Not money, although that is part of it, but rather a simple blade of living breathing grass.  That grass would be a sign that the Arret was going to live again, and not be a dried up barren wasteland.  Water is scarce here, and therefore one drink a day is all that can be rationed to people.  The bandits themselves decided a long time ago that it would be more beneficial if one person went looking for this green, instead of the whole group, so they decided to create a competition to the death.  The winner would be the bearer of the Chaos Blade (an arcane weapon, more of symbol now than an actual sword), and he or she would go on a quest throughout Arret’s hot sands in search of green.  The village elder here is known as Master Kaishin, a former sage and assassin of unknown origin.  But aside from all the turmoil and blistering heat, is a young girl who has been taking care of the injured and dehydrated here, despite their past wrong doings, her name is Ariel.


Grump’s Water Stop- a few miles south of the Last Oasis, Grump is just the nickname of the local owner of the small plot of water there.  He will offer it freely, but just one sip.  He owns a gun, a rarity on Arret, so take him seriously.  Deep down he’s a softy for kids and women.


Sandworm Canyon- named so for obvious reasons.  The sandworms here grow massive in size and will either eat their victims or ignore them entirely, as they are gigantic juggernauts of the desert.  If someone was able to tame one or control it (very impossible) one could rule the desert.


Senile Sam’s Holes-  further west of the canyon, an old yet spry hermit lives in what are known as ‘holes’.  Basically, holes are decayed spots where the worms used to burrow in soft earth.  They are now the perfect hiding place (at least for Sam) from the desert sun.  What he puts in these holes however, is a mystery to most people, since they can’t understand what he says half the time.


Vampiric Tower- Appearing only during a sunset, the tower lies in the middle of what are known as the Spire Mountains.  Inside the castle-like tower, all manner of monsters and demons are said to reside.  And the vampire here, so ancient his name is lost to time, preys on those who would wander into his area of the desert.


Valley of the Rock Syrens- An extension at the foot of Spire Mountain, the Rock Syrens use their powers of camouflage to blend in with the rocky territory, and then hypnotize their victims through song.  They are succubae by nature and will drain the life out of anyone that gets near, unless he or she has magic resistance, or is a woman.


Quicksand Flats- a flat rocky area that lies north of the Last Oasis, its deadly combination of preying beasts and quicksand, makes for double the treacherous passage.


Pyramidas’ Graveyard- said to have been a lost civilization’s tombs, now just a pile of rubble.  Still, there are rumors of a great treasure that lies deep in what is left of these pyramids.


Shrine to the Earth- Once a grand temple, now just a hole in the ground.  It’s dank dark caverns and dry earthen sod are home to nasty monstrosities and beasts.


Shrine to the Fire-  No one really knows where it is located, just that it exists.  A temple made entirely out of a blazing molten fire-like ore that magnifies Arret’s already intense heat.  Only someone of great power could survive in such a place.


Shrine to the Dark- Appearing at twighlight on the first day of winter (despite how hot the desert is, it still gets cold wintry nights), and disappearing at dawn of the next day. It is the most difficult of the temples to reach as it only obtains a physical form for 5 hours and never appears in the same place twice on the face of Arret.


Spire Mountains- Steep as they are wide, the mountains serve as a testament of impassability.  Even if anyone could fly over the mountains, massive wind currents vie for the attention of the thin atmosphere, preventing nearly all access. It was said that once, long ago, someone manage to cross to the other side, but there is no proof of this.


Shrine to the Ice- A strange occurrence in the desert this.  In fact, it is a temple encased in a deep cave like place where cold is possible, and possibly an important source of water for the people of Arret.


Luna Locations---


Yggdrasil Citadel- Guarded by Three Warriors of power Vurd, Vult, Verdani, that stand as statues facing Arret.  It is said that only one who is pure of heart can pass these three; those who do not are doomed to be as stone.  Even the chosen one is said to have a challenge; although he does not become stone, he must face the three in mortal combat to be worthy of the weapon that restores all.


Golden Dragon- This massive dragon has been asleep for several millennia and in the process, his mouth and innards have become like that of a fossilized cave, although he is still alive and his breath is fiery flame.  His body has become the home of the dragoons, those like Scrye, who have left the world of Arret to live in solitude on Luna.


Lunar Gate- Twin pillars that form a type of gate for purposes unknown.  Its light emanates a strange hue of indiscernible color, that is strangely familiar to Blade.


Crescent of the Prophets- A crescent shaped crater that surrounds the outer edge of the Citadel.  It is lined with statues of ancient prophets that when approached, speak a cryptic Lunarian language that none can understand, save the Lunarians themselves.


Void Crystal- A stone is placed in front of this crystal’s altar that cannot be read.  The sages say it is a forbidden gateway, strangely this same place appears on the moon of Anul.