Otherworld Battle System: Preemptive Active Time


Left Analog: Move

Attacking Controls: If Attack Button is used...(Assuming Enemy is Facing Up Position *ACTIVE MOVEMENT ONLY*)

*Note* With the exception of Simply Moving, all Actions taken Cost PT on the PT Gauge.

\ \ | | / /  (Up-Left, Up, Up-Right)
 \ \| |/ / 
==== O ====  (Left, Neutral, Right)
 / /| |\ \     
/ / | | \ \  (Down-Left, Down, Down-Right)


L3 (Analog pressed Down) Fly *Certain Allies Only*

***If Flying*** Up = Descend, Down = Ascend

Any Direction + Defend = Roll/Dodge

Double Tap Defend Button = Jump/(If Flying: Barrel Roll)

***Try performing Jump Attacks/Jump Specials for Combo Effects!***

Pressing L3 + Attack:  Thrust Weapon

Down + Attack:  Slashing Uppercut

Left/Right + Attack:  Cleave (Slash) Left/Right

Up + Attack: Downward Slashing Cut

360 + Attack: Spin Slash

Any Direction + Attack + Magic = Elemental Slash (Combines Element Spell/Attack stored in PT Gauge) Can be used in Cancel Arts.

**Note: Multiple Attacks Do Chain Combos, and Changing Attack Types alternates combo hits, Experiment to get High Chain Combos!

**High Chain Combos = Damage Multiplier

Moves the Leader Around the Battlefield (Movement Limited to a certain Amount of Steps Per PT)

Right Analog: Rotates Camera about the Battle Field

Preemptive Movement:

Stores Actions on the PT (Preemptive Time) Gauge to be Taken during the Active Movement

***Note Commands fill up the PT Gauge from 0 to 360, worth various PT Points depending on the Action/Special Attack/Spell Used.  Pressing the Corresponding Positions on the Pad (X,Y,B,A or Square,Triangle,Ex,Circle) will Call up the respective Preemptive Movement Menu (PM) to Enter the Commands to Store on the PT Gauge.

*Note that Y/Triangle is Always 1, the Leader Designation and the respective positions around him.

L1 = Equipment Change

L2 = Party Status Screen

R1 = Auto-Mode Shortcut Menu

R2 = Formation Tactics Menu (will change During Active Movement)

Start Button = Pause Menu (Pressing Select Removes the Pause Menu for a Clear Image)

Party Positioning in Battle:


    2     3


Y/Triangle Button: Leader (1)

X/Square Button: Ally 2 (Left Ally)

A/Circle Button: Ally 3 (Right Ally)

B/Ex Button: Ally 4 (Rear Ally)

***Note you can Change the Formation of Battle in the Tactics Menu in the Main Menu

Type 1: (See Above)

Type 2:  1       2

               3       4

Type 3:  4  2  1  3

Type 4:  2    1     3


Type 5: Custom Formation

During the Preemptive Movement, Pressing the Corresponding Party Member Button Calls up that Party Member's Preemptive Movement Screen.

D-Pad: Preemptive Movement Commands

Commands can now be Stored on the PT Gauge for use During the Active Movement at the Player's Discretion. The Commands are entered Via the D-Pad.

Up = Attack

Left = Magic (when Left is Pressed the Magic Menu Opens to specify What Spell you wish to use and determine it's Range (how far away the Spell is Cast), Field (how Wide the Spell can reach surrounding Enemies), and Intensity (how much Damage the Spell Inflicts, determined by the Power of the Spell based on Prisms you added to the Ability).  Spells Take up a lot of PT per cast so think wisely beforehand whether or not you want to cast a spell or two as it limits movement.

Right = Special (when Right is Pressed the Special Menu Opens to specify Special you wish to use, Specials have no Range since they are Mainly Physical Attacks, they only have Field and Intensity to gauge them.  A Wide field can also mean a long range attack.  But remember that Specials consume lots of PT so use them wisely.)

Down = Defend (Blocks 25-50% HP Damage based on Defenses)

Select = Item (Using Items Costs 0 PT on the PT Gauge and Can be used at any Time during Active Movement)  You can only use One Item Per Party Member per Active Movement so a Max of 4 Items can be used Per Active Movement.  During Active Movement, press Select to use the Item you Stored, Only the Leader (whom the Player Controls) can use the Item the Player Stored during the Preemptive Movement, if the Player wishes to use the Items stored in the Allies' PT Gauge, he must switch control over to his Ally to use the Item.

***Note, if the Insanity Gauge (found below the PT Gauge) is full, the Special portion of the Preemptive Menu will be replaced with "Chaos Rave"  See the Chaos Rave Section for more Details***

PT Gauge:

As stated Earlier, the PT (Preemptive Time) Gauge is filled by Actions that will be Taken by the Player during the Active Movement, each action costs a certain amount of PT, and During the Active Movement those actions can be used at the Player's Discretion or if the Party Member isn't being Controlled by the Player, Auto Mode will be Active (see Auto-Mode and Active Movement  for more Details).  PT is consumed every time an Action is taken, Actions are either Magic, Attack, Special, or Defend, with the exception of Chaos Rave Attacks (See Chaos Rave Section for more Details***), they are stored on the PT Gauge during Preemptive Movement, and Spent during Active Movement.

Active Movement:

When all the PT Gauge Actions have been entered for each Party Member, Active Movement will Commence.  Active Movement allows the player to Move the Leader and his 3 Allies about the Battlefield and expend whatever Actions he stored on the PT Gauge (Namely:  Attacks, Spells, Special Skills,  and Defending).

The Player Starts the Active Movement with Control of the Party's Leader, but he can Switch Leader Control at any time during the Active Movement by Pressing R1+ the Corresponding Character Button (see Party Positioning in Battle above***)

Here are the following Actions Each Party member can take during an Active Movement while under the Player's Control as Leader: ***Note that all of these Actions Consume PT on the PT Gauge***

X/Square Button: Magic

Y/Triangle Button:  Attack (***Attacking while an Enemy is trying to counterattack during Active Movement results in an Active Counter, which doubles HP Damage to the Enemy!)

B/Ex Button:  Defend (***Timed Pressing of the Defend Button can activate Precision Defense, which results in 0 HP Damage!)

A/Circle Button:  Special Attack (***Special Attacks have different Frame Animations per character, but if you switch characters while the Special Attack is being launched and "Cancel Link" the Special Attack of another Ally, you can perform Cancel Link Arts, Advanced Link Arts, and Tactical Destruction Arts, more information on Cancel Link Arts Below***)

Inactive Party Members: Auto-Mode

The 3 Allies that aren't currently under the Player's Control during Active Movement are put in Auto-Mode.  Auto-Mode gives various commands to the Inactive Ally that will Assist the Leader of the Party (who the Player controls) in battle.  Auto-Mode can be adjusted in the Main Menu before Battle or in the Preemptive Movement Menu by Pressing the R2 Button.  Various Commands will be Automatically Assigned for the Ally to Make in various Offensive, Defensive, Counterattacking, or Cancel Link situations, depending on how the Player sets up the allies in the Auto-Mode Menu.  Note that during Active Movement, the Player can switch control to one of his allies (R1+any of the Ally Buttons), while the former leader will switch to Auto-Mode based on the settings placed on the Leader during Auto-Mode.  Allies in Auto-Mode spend 25% less PT than the Actively controlled Leader of the party that the Player controls when commands are issued.

Allies in Auto-Mode can be commanded to perform certain Actions by the Leader at any time by Pressing L1 for Spells, L2 for Special Attacks, R2 for Defend, for Example, Pressing L1 commands any Allies in Auto-Mode to Cast a Spell pre-set by the Player during the Preemptive Movement (note, Holding L1, L2, or R2 and pressing any Specific Ally Button can command Allies to Individually take Action instead of all at once). 

When allies are in Auto-Mode, they can Automatically Use Items on themselves and the Leader based on HP Loss % specified by the Player, Use Healing Spells at Critical Moments (Costs PT), Defensive/Support Spells to Allies/Leader, Status Ailments to Enemies to Debilitate them, or Follow up Chain Attacks or Cancel Link Arts to Aid the Leader while Attacking.

Auto-Mode Movement

Specified by the Player in Three Categories:  Front-Line, Defensive, Long-Range

Front-Line:  Allies stick close to the Enemy and Attack Automatically (unless the Attack Command was not Stored on the PT Gauge during Preemptive Movement), fall back and Heal if HP is at a low %, and based on the actions of the Leader, attempt to Follow Up with Chain Attacks, and whenever the Player (the Leader) uses Special Attacks or Spells, the Auto-Mode ally will attempt to Cancel Link the attacks with his/her own Special Attacks and/or Spells (specified by the Player during Preemptive Movement), until the PT Gauge is empty.  Default Primary Command used most often is Attack (unless otherwise specified in the Auto-Mode Menu by the Player).

Defensive:  Ally sticks close to the Leader/Other Allies based on HP% and will try to get In between the Enemy and his Allies/Leader.  His primary Command is Defend, and has a high % Chance of using Precision Defense Automatically, will Cast Defensive/Healing Spells if HP% reaches a certain Amount (Determined by Player), or if specified as an Auto-Mode Command, will cast Defensive Spells on the Party.  Also casts Status Ailments based on Enemy HP%, also tries to Taunt Enemies and draw their attacks.

Long-Range:  Ally stays a relative distance away from the Leader and Casts Spells/uses Long Range attacks/Status Ailments on the Enemy, Avoids Enemies at ranges specified by the Player.  Frequently casts Defensive Spells on himself, or uses Items to Heal Allies (specified by Player in Auto-Mode Menu/Stored in PT Gauge), also Attempts to Cancel Link with Leader in attacks/chain attacks.

*Remember* You can switch Control to any Party Member at any Time During the Active Movement by Holding R1 + the Corresponding Ally Buttons.

***Note*** If no Spell, Special Attack, or Defend Command was stored on the PT Gauge, and a Command was Issued (pressing L1, L2, or R2) the Default Commands stored on the PT Gauge will be Given

****IMPORTANT**** Issuing Commands to Allies in Auto-Mode while their PT Gauge is Empty results in NO ACTION!

Whenever the PT Gauge is Empty, no action will be taken, and if all 4 PT Gauges are Empty, Counter Movement Begins...

Counter Movement: Enemy Attacks

During Counter Movement, it is the Enemy's Turn to Attack, During which time they have their own separate PT Gauges (not seen by the Player)

During this Time the Party's Leader will have the Option of Moving around the Battlefield and "evading attacks", while the remaining Allies will be in Auto-Mode and be positioned in relation to the Leader/Enemy based on their Auto-Mode movement positions.  During this time the following commands can be issued:

B/Ex Button = Guard/Precision Defense

Y/Triangle Button = Counter Attack (Enemy attacks have certain "Frames" in which they move, timed Pressing of this Button can result in a Counterattack, but be careful...the enemy may perform an Active Counter doubling HP Damage!)

A/Circle Button = PT Destroyer (Certain Special Attacks in the Player's Disposal have the PT Destroyer Attribute, it Causes no Damage to the Enemy, however, it can Eliminate or "Interrupt" the PT Gauge altogether for that Enemy, Timing for this ability is somewhat smaller than that of a Counterattack or Precision Defense, but if the Player can time it well, it works to the Player's advantage, eliminating the oncoming Attack...but be careful...as certain Rare Enemies have this ability as well, and can Destroy your PT Gauge as well during an Active Movement!!)

X/Square Button = Magic Reaction (Certain spells have Defensive Properties, that if Pressed at a specific Point during an Enemy Attack, can be activated, Timing is varied, however, but costs 0 PT for such things as Counter Spells, Auto-Defense Spells, and the like).

****SPECIAL NOTE**** If the party can successfully use PT Destroyer techniques during the Counter Movement, the result is a PT Turnover, where it Automatically becomes a Preemptive Movement (the Player's turn) once again!

Pressing R1+Any Ally Button during the Counter Movement gives control of the Ally over to the Player.

Cancel Link Arts: The Art of Making Combos

Combining Chain Combos (Attacks or Magic that is Consecutive in Damage) results in Damage Multipliers, but, by Pressing the B/Circle Button, the Player can Launch Special Attacks that Cost PT (Preemptive Time), this can be Chain Lined with Normal Attacks and/or Spells for a Chain Combo.

However, if the Leader launches a Special Attack, and then Issues an Auto-Mode Command for an Ally to do their Special Attack (assuming it was Stored on the PT Gauge) by Pressing R2 or R2 + One of the Ally Buttons (Circle, Ex, Square), that Ally will "Cancel Link" their Special Attack with the Leader, resulting in a Cancel Link Art, which Combines Attacks, as well as reducing PT that was lost during the Special Attack if it was done alone.  25%-75% PT can be saved on Special Attacks if they are Cancel Linked, therefore, it's in the Party's Best interest to use Cancel Link Arts as often as Possible.

If a Cancel Link Art is successful, and the Player manages to have a Third party member Cancel Link a Normal Attack, Special Attack, or Spell into a Cancel Link Art, it transforms into an Advanced Link Art, which Multiplies Damage as well as Minimizes PT loss as much as 75% PT Cost.

If the Fourth Ally manages to Cancel Link into the 3 Previous Attacks...this is Called a Tactical Destruction Art, Tactical Destruction Arts are Rare, and sacrifice the Party's PT for one Active Movement to perform, but they do Massive Damage to the Enemy Opposition, so doing them is either Risky or Mandatory.

Note******A Tactical Destruction Art can only be performed when all Four Party Members Cancel Link their Stored Special Attacks into a Cancel Link Chain Combo successfully. *Warning* Certain Enemies can only be Damaged by Tactical Destruction Arts, so be careful!

PT Capacity Bonus

If all the Commands Entered during the Preemptive Movement are Performed, and there is still PT Remaining in the Gauge (usually from being saved from Cancel Link Arts), it will be stored as PT Bonus during the next Preemptive Movement.  For example normally, allies can only store up to 360 PT in the PT Gauge for their Actions they will take during the Active Movement, but if they manage to Save Additional PT in their Gauges when all the Commands that were stored are entered, During the next Preemptive Movement, they will get to use the PT they save, allowing for more Actions During the Active Movement. If you save 20 PT on the Gauge at the End of Active Movement 1, you get to use 380 PT during the Preemptive Movement.

If the battle Ends and the Party has leftover PT, that PT will be counted towards a fraction of the Party's Skill Bonus...basically shortening the PT Cost for Attacks, Defense, Magic, or Special Attacks, allowing them to be performed more often during Active Movements.

Party Skill Bonus: Party Growth

There are several statistics for each ally:  Strength (Str), Endurance (End), Intelligence (Int), Spirit (Spr), Agility (Agl), Dexterity (Dex), Luck (Lck), these stats improve the more often an Ally Attacks (Str, Dex), Defends (End, Spr, Agl), casts Magic (Int), or uses Special Attacks...the more you do, the better you get.  This is improved even more when Cancel Link Arts, Advanced Link Arts, and Tactical Destruction Arts are performed.  Saving PT at the end of a battle is the best way to improve.

Element Prisms Special Attack Growth

Players can power-up their Special attacks by Finding and Using Prisms, which not only boost their overall effectiveness with weapons/armor, but also improve Range and Dexterity of Spells, Special, and even Normal Attacks.  Can also play Duel Prism with these Gems!

Chaos Rave Attacks Ultimate Skill Attacks

If the Insanity Meter (below the PT Gauge) fills to Maximum...players can Unleash their Chaos Rave attacks.  These attacks cost 0 PT and do massive Damage to the Enemy, they also have PT Destroyer attributes, Chaos Raves can be used either during Active Movement or Counter Movement (when the Enemy Attacks).  Filling up the Insanity Gauge, depending on which Chaos Raves you have equipped, can vary from Ally to Ally.  This can vary from Damage to Defending against Attacks, to Healing Allies, etc.  Chaos Raves can range from Ultimate Skills, to Stat Bonuses, to Even Summoning Great Holy Beasts to do Battle for you!  On top of this, an ally empties his PT Gauge and finishes with a Chaos Rave attack,  50% of the Gauge will be added on to the next Preemptive Movement for that Ally.

Obtaining a Chaos Rave is rare, so look around.