Dungeon/Field Controls

***Special Note:  Maximum Active Party Members is 4, if you have more than 4 Available, you can set up Multiple Parties

Press Select+X/Square Button to Switch Whole Parties.


Left Analog Control: Move

Light = Walk

Heavy = Run

Hold L1+Analog to Sneak or Roll/Dodge/Strafe

L3 = Crouch/Crawl through spaces.


Right Analog Control: Look

Free Camera Movement

Up = Look Down

Down = Look Up

R3 = Switch to First Person


D-Pad: Camera

Up:  Camera is placed directly behind Party Leader (Defaults elevation of Camera to Even Head Level.)

Down: Camera Faces Party Leader

Left: Placed on Party Leader's Left Side

Right: Camera is placed on Party Leader's Right Side. 


X/Square Button: Switch

Party Leader Switch


Y/Triangle Button: Menu

Enters the Main Menu


A/Circle Button: Check

Examine, Open, Talk to Party/Others


B/Ex Button: Jump

Jump, Let Go from Climbing, Kick while Swimming


L1 Button: Sneak

Hold L1 to Sneak, to avoid Fiends/Sleeping Enemies, Hold when Near a Wall Press Character's Back Against it.


L2 Button: Map

Press L2 to Bring up Field Map, Press Again for Full Map, Press a 3rd Time to turn the Map off.

Press Right Analog Control to Rotate Full Map, Press R3 to Zoom In/Zoom Out


R1 Button: Attack/Assist

Tab R1 to Attack Enemies/Targets to Initiate Battle/Destroy Objects

***Note (Attacking Enemies with this, depending on your location in relationship to the enemy, Gives you a Sudden Strike, where you get to attack First in the Battle.  If Enemies touch you in the field, you receive an Ambush where they attack first, and you must attempt a PA Turnover.

Press R1+Y/Triangle Button to Use Party Leader-Assist Ability (Different depending on Party Member you Control and what abilities he/she has.)

Press R1+X/A/B or Square/Circle/Ex Buttons to have your allies perform their Party-Assist Abilities (Depending on what abilities you equip them with.)


R2 Button: Separate

Press R2+Y/Triangle Button to Separate the Leader (whom you control) from your Party who Stays in One Area to Solve Puzzles.

Press R2+X/A/B or Square/Circle/Ex Buttons to Have the Corresponding Ally Stay in One Area. Can be done up to 3 Times.

***Note 1:  You cannot Separate the Party while Under Water, do so beforehand.

***Note 2:  If your Leader/Any Ally is attacked/gets K.O.ed while separated from the Party, Your entire Party, including the Leader, will be sent back to the last Dungeon Checkpoint you crossed.  This goes for any Party Members you lose to Dungeon Traps as well.