Other Timeline

10/01—Met Rob…weird experience with a place called Job Corps…

3/02—Conceived of Otherworld, drawings, writing, etc.

6/02—Rob and I parted ways…sorta…

9/02—Met up with Rob again…worked out a few more ideas…e-mail on a regular basis.

1/23/03—Mother passed away…kinda got side-tracked a little there…didn’t know what to do with my life.

8/29/03—Got my life on track by making a vow to succeed with my Dream…I promised Mom after all…went to college for the first time in my life.

9/16/03—Decided I was completely uninspired and posted Otherworld as an RP at Shadow-Dragons Forum…was blown away/glomped/crushed with fan-base/cult-following.

9-12/03—Dealing with emotional baggage and College…very busy time in my life.

12/03—Turns out Rob’s going to be a dad…and I’M gonna be the Godfather!! 0_0

1/04—Starting to draw my characters more often now that people are interested ^_^ (still haven’t told Rob yet…he’s gonna kill me…)

2/18/04—Started working on the Website…HTML hates me…it’s a conspiracy I tell you…

2/20/04—Finally got the first Page up on the Web…yay…making progress…

2/21/04—Got the Guestbook and this Timeline thingie running…although I may/may not keep it, it’s a record of the going’s on here.

2/23/04—Don't feel like talking about the site much today, so I'll just say I said my piece with Rob, and thanks to Rath, I wrote an Eminiem parody, which I'm LMAO-ing as I write this, thanks Rath.

2/24/04—Well...I finally got the guts to E-mail Rob about this site...and boy did I get beat over the head by it (re:he signed el Guestbook) Well, I e-mailed him trying to fix the confusion. I'm hoping things work out...no matter what, though I'm doing Otherworld, this is my dream I'm working on here...also fixed the querkyness of the Guestbook not showing the new stuff...also, talked to Dublick (aka Drunken Ninja) he said I could use his character, I'm happy about that. Will be working on the Character's Profile pages soon.

2/29/04—Finally made my peace with Rob, setted out the differences, but still having trouble talking to him lately, is he busy, I'm not sure, Adobe Photoshop is taking longer than expected, but so far, the character drawings are coming along nicely. Heh, Raku said my Fusonin drawings are sexier than Rob's, he'll be mad about that I'm sure. Well, whatever, doing the Character bios is going to take a while, so be patient everybody. Also going to work on Prism Duel concept designs after this.

3/3/04—Well, today I finally got One of my Character profiles done...Blade's namely, but honestly I feel guilty about it, especially when Rob isn't talking to me much, if at all, well, I told him to make time to work on this, yeah, we argued a bit about it, but I'm hoping this get's worked on. Hopefully I'll start to work on Rath's profile tomorrow. Wish Rob wasn't so mad about the 'Althirez' thing....sheesh, that guy can really get mad and hold a grudge.

3/16/04—Well, Spring Break's over, and I finished up Rath's Profile today, also updating the Fanfiction Pages, for the record too, today is Rob's birthday, sent him a 'birthday card' from Engrish.com that I hope he likes. Hope he gets on AIM more often soon.

5/10/04—Man, am I late with an update or what? Well, finished putting up Zodiac War fic recently, also managed to finish the Art Gallery...phew...HTML is hard work. I might just buy a site with all the techno difficulties I was having. Need to talk to Rob about OW project, Shadow Dragons is down now, so no posting for a while, oh well, next on my list of things to do is the Project itself, and other stuff like the Maps.

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