Before the Essence of Time began, the gods Ruled with an Iron Fist...

Odin, proclaimed King of the gods boasted a prized crystal

containing Supreme Light and Supreme Darkness...

Loki, a Halfling, neither god nor demon, became disgusted with the gods' selfish ways.

And so he shattered Odin's crystal, which broke into two shards

and then proceeded to seal away the gods within.

"Tis justice that this be our fate."

his last breath as his essence was swallowed up by the shards.

These are the Chronicles of the shards that would Shape and Forge the History of Man,

the descendants of the gods...


Welcome, Dear Traveler, welcome indeed to the the vast worlds of Terra and Arret. You are about to embark on a great journey, one you won't soon forget I am certain.  How you got here is not important, you may have simply taken a tumble through a forest and landed here for all I know....

I hope you do enjoy your stay, there is much to do, much to do, whether you be a mercenary of the highest in sword fighting caliber to a simple magician with vast amounts of mental prowess, this can be your home away from home.

Do not hesitate to record your name into the friendship register, it means a lot to me and my friends.  As it proves that we are not alone in the world.

Because you are most certainly a newcomer and not used to the customs and languages of this world (some here speak Elfish, Draconic, and even a smattering of the the forbidden tongue) it is best to read using these Magic Runes and Glyphs,

Wanderer, Choose thy Realm...

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