Chaos: Chaosblade the Shard of Anarchea


"The Shard of Anarchea is said to be the remnants of the Souls of those Dark Gods that Loki sealed within the Crystal they made the universe with before he himself shattered it.  The Chaosblade is the personification of that shard, its destructive power beyond comprehension.  It is said that the Dark Souls that dwell within the sword cry for death daily, driving the bearer mad with bloodlust.  It is said that only the Condemned Man can wield this sword without going insane."

Flows with: None

Disables: All

Weaknesses (when attacked): Not Applicable

Tips:  Like the Omni Prism, the Chaos Prism is probably one of the most versatile Prisms in Prism Duel.  Since it has no element to flow with, it simply disables any and all elements regardless of their Elemental Defense near it to the Player's Element of Choice!  Very powerful indeed.  Also interesting is the fact that it is completely immune to the Reverse Element rule, since it disables them all anyways.  The only downside to the Chaos Prism is that it can only change the opponent's shards as well as itself to the elements currently in the player's hand.  Use it wisely!

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