Prism Duel:


Based on the notion of Rock, Paper, Scissors, combined with Othello. Before a match the player can wager a certain amount of Crystals (that's the currency) and/or items to match or top the opponent's wager. Each player has 5 prisms to place on a stone tablet (the table). There are 8 kinds of prisms (Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, Ice, Thunder, Light, Shadow) and they can be collected either to play Prism Duel or to upgrade Skills and Spells. The idea of the game is to trump an opponent's prisms by using them against him. Elements either flow with or against each other (some tables can block flows from certain angles, enhance certain elements, etc.), those that don't flow will be disabled into the element put down.

 Before a match begins you and your opponent get to choose 4 Dominant Elements on the board for your Hand. This determines what elements you can claim as yours when they are one can pick the same element. Tables are 3x3 in size, consisting of 3 Gates and Horizontally, Vertically, or Diagonally Interconnected Paths between the Gates.

Here's what the Board Looks like with 9 Gates and Several Interconnecting Paths.

Players have 5 prisms each, limited to the elements they picked. If a player can disable an element on the board, that element becomes the dominant element he put down. You win when one of your four elements becomes dominant on the board when all the Gates are filled with prisms. Element Prisms can disable 3, 5, or 8 Prisms.  Note that when choosing your Prisms you must choose at least two of one particular element for your "hand", Omni and Chaos are the only exceptions to this.

 Here is the list of Elemental Prisms and statistics for each: and their counter elements:

Earth           Ice

Fire            Lightning

Wind          Light

Water         Shadow 

Omni          Chaos


Depending on your location in the game, or Player's Preference, certain rules will be in place:

Random Element <--Coming Soon!

Element Disabled <--Coming Soon!

Sudden Death <--Coming Soon!

Element Gate <--Coming Soon!

Reverse Element <--Coming Soon!

Element Backfire <--Coming Soon!

Flow Combo <--Coming Soon!

In summary: if an element prism is placed on the table that flows with a connecting element, nothing happens, and the elements flow. If however, the element already placed on the table before the second prism can be disabled by the second prism, the first prism becomes the same element as that of the second prism. The only exception to this is the Element Grid rule: if the element of the first prism is placed in a Gate of its own element type, it cannot be disabled.

Rare Exceptions <--Coming Soon!

Special Note!!! In rare battles, Omni and Chaos Prisms can be found...these are ultra-rare items that have the two following effects....

Omni when placed down next to any element (determined by the player if more than one is connected on the table), will automatically be transformed into that element or an element of the player's choice, useful in games as a defensive strategy...(note: as a rule, an Omni Prism cannot be put down as the first prism on a table).

Chaos when placed down next to any element (determined by the player if more than one element is on the table), will automatically disable any surrounding elements to the element of the player's liking...useful for offensive tactics... (note: as a rule, a Chaos Prism cannot be put down as the first prism on a table).


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