Fire: The Dark Spryte


"The Fire Spryte is known for her wily tricks and her great temper, she is contentious and always looking for conflict.  She is particularly feisty with her sisters the Song Maiden and the Prophetess as she is the youngest of the three."

Flows with: Earth, Fire, Wind, Lightning, Light

Disables: Water, Ice, Shadow

Weaknesses (when attacked): Water, Wind, Ice, Shadow

Tips:  The fact that Fire is one of the most often Disabled Prisms on the Duel Board should come as no surprise, but this obvious weakness shouldn't be overlooked as it can be used to set up flow traps.  Just as the Fire Prism has many weaknesses it also has just as many strengths as it can Block Elements as much as the Earth Prism, on top of this, it is one of the few Elements that can trump the Shadow Prism.

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