Ice: The Prophetess


"The eldest of the three Maidens of Life that serve the Goddess, the Prophetess is charged with making sure her sisters perform their duties according to the Chronicles of Time, she knows of her younger sister the Song Maiden's love with the Guardian Soldier, and her youngest sister the Dark Spryte's competitiveness with others, both in her eyes, are quite a handful."

Flows with: Earth, Wind, Ice, Lightning, Light, Shadow

Disables: Fire, Water

Weaknesses (when attacked): Earth, Fire, Ice, Shadow

Tips:  It's difficult to say what advantages and disadvantages the Ice Prism has, since really, it's very balanced out in terms of offense and defense.  It is capable of Disabling the more offensive prisms out there, and yet at the same time provides a strong defense with many of the elements.  Nothing stands out in terms of strategy.

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