Light: The Goddess


"The Goddess of Light has protected our Worlds in Ages Past, she is said to be as a Guardian Valkyrie, avenging the wandering soul, and gathering the lost ones to her heart.  For Eons she has loved her people, and it is truly tragic that she must contend with the Condemned Man, a man she once loved."

Flows with: Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, Ice, Lightning, Light

Disables: Shadow

Weaknesses (when attacked): Shadow

Tips:  Probably one the most Defensive Prisms in the Game, seconded only by the Omni Prism in terms of versatility, certainly it can't Disable very many elements, but once the Flow Combo Rule and Reverse Element rules are in play, watch out!  This combined with the fact that it can Disable Shadow, one of strongest elements, makes it all the more powerful.

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