Lightning: The Dragon


"A Mighty Dragon tasked with Protecting the Goddess and her Servants, the Sacred Beast of Lightning is in a Holy War with the Condemned Man.  It is said that the Sacred Beast is the Pet of the Song Maiden."

Flows with: Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, Ice, Lightning, Light

Disables: Shadow

Weaknesses (when attacked): Water, Shadow

Tips:  At first glance, Lightning looks like a Highly Defensive Prism, as it flows with all except Shadow, but if you consider how effective Shadow is at Disabling Prisms, you begin to see Lightning's true purpose.  Lightning is one of the rare Prisms that is even capable of Disabling Shadow, so with that in mind, if you know your opponent has a Shadow Prism in their hand, it's wise to use this Prism.  Aside from it's Flow Combo capability, it's a highly versatile Prism.

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