Omni: Mimeblade the Shard of Omni


"The Shard of Omni is said to be part of an Ancient Crystal the gods used to make the Universe, whether or not that is true is still being researched to this very day.  The Mimeblade is an ancient sword that has the power to become any sort of edged weapon ever conceived.  It was once said that the Soldier Guardian was destined to wield this blade."

Flows with: All

Disables: None

Weaknesses (when attacked): Not Applicable

Tips:  The Omni Prism is one of the single most useful prisms in Prism Duel, as it has the power to transform into any element in the Player's Hand, this can mean many things.  It can mean finding an immediate Weak Link in your opponent's defenses by changing Omni into the opponent's Prism's weakness and thus automatically Disabling his element, or it can mean building up your own Defenses and changing into one of the elements you have in your hand that flows with your opponent's, on top of this, it flows with all the elements so it's very easy to set up a Flow Combo!  It is only limited to changing into whatever elements you currently have in your hand, so pay attention to what elements you have available!

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