Shadow: The Condemned Man

"It is said that the Condemned Man was once a Legendary Swordsman that could defeat any Foe, no matter who it was that faced him, that he fought for noble and just causes for the sake of his Beloved Goddess.  Sadly a grave sin had fallen upon him and he was cursed for it.  Now he wanders the Deserts of Arret in search of comfort, but he shall never know peace as long as he carries his sin with him."

Flows with: Shadow

Disables: Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, Ice, Lightning, Light

Weaknesses (when attacked): Fire, Lightning, Light

Tips:  The Most Offensive Prism on the Duel Table at any given point in time, seconded only by the Chaos Prism.  It's probably going to be a major source of any offensive tactics the player or opponent utilize.  The fact that it has no Flow Combo capability makes it less useful in strategic Duels, but suffice to say it's useful enough in it's own right.  Just be careful whenever you use Shadow that the Reverse Element and Flow Combo Rules aren't in play, those rules combined with Shadow's three weaknesses make for an aweful time.

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