Water: The Song Maiden


"The Song Maiden brings the Prayers of Life, as she is always in commune with Nature, it is said that she is on a journey to capture the heart of the Guardian Soldier, perhaps someday she will succeed.  It is also said that she is the reincarnation of the Goddess, whether or not this is true is pure speculation."

Flows with: Wind, Ice, Water, Light, Shadow

Disables: Earth, Fire, Lightning

Weaknesses (when attacked): Earth, Fire, Ice, Shadow

Tips:  Believe it or not, the Water Prism is just as offensive as the Fire Prism in terms of mechanics.  But along with the Fire Prism, it has just as many defenses, making it a very useful prism in any Duel, just be sure to back up Water in case it needs additional elements to help it out, as it has many weaknesses.



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