Wind: The Four Horses


"The Four Horses run across the sky creating Mighty Gales with their hooves, it is said that only the Guardian Soldier can tame these Wild Beasts, as they are his mighty steeds."

Flows with: Earth, Water, Wind, Ice, Lightning, Light, Shadow

Disables: Fire

Weaknesses (when attacked): Earth, Shadow

Tips:  The Wind Prism is probably the first problematic Prism most people will encounter in a Duel, namely because of how little it attacks, and the fact that it has very few weaknesses, perhaps more so than the Earth Prism.  It is actually a defensive Prism by nature and is rarely used to attack.  However the Highly offensive Fire Prism is always a sort of challenge for it to overcome.  Whenever you see someone use a Wind Prism or two, be prepared for a long Duel and lots of Flow Combos if the rule is in place.

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