1. A New Threat, an Old Enemy                                   

2. New Friends, Old Legends                                   

3. The Warriors Awaken                                   

4. A New Quest Begins                                   

5. Voices from the Past                                   

6. A Challenge Issued                                   

7. Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?                                   

8. Where the Dark Runs Deepest                                   

9. Saved by Moogles                                   

10. The History of the Crystal                                   

11. Library of Danger                                   

12. Going Forward                                   

13. The Village of Magic                                   

14. Decisions                                   

15. The Return Home                                   

16. The Light of Alexandria                                   

17. Walking in Darkness to Light                                   

18. The Truth of the Mirror                                   

19. Island in the Sky                                   

20. Dark Masks, Dark Pasts, and the Thunder Shard                                   

21. Into the Deep                                   

22. A Miracle and A Mystery                                   

23. The Cosmo Memory                                   

24. Searching for Truth                                   

25. Black Sheep                                   

26. A Vagrant's Tale                                   

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