Other Projects

On this Page I'll be posting Several Ideas/Concepts and Details to be incorporated into the Otherworld Project.

For those of you who don't know, I'm planning on making a Fighting/RPG, I apologize if you feel like I've left you out of the loop, but there are some tidbits of information that I'm going to keep quiet about for the most part, mainly because they're Mine (Michael Reske) and Rob Rydzenski's (a.k.a. Fusonin) Ideas...and simply stating those ideas wouldn't be fair to us simply because this will be a business (we do want to make a profit, you know...and you all thought this was free...suckers...just kidding.).

For the time being, this page will serve as a reminder to me that I need to get Otherworld as a Role-playing Game, as a Musical Piece, as a Manga, as Action Figures, or whatever done.  But I don't want you to be depressed from reading this (OMG He's making a game and I can't know what it's gonna be about :::Waaaaaaahhhhhhh::::), so I've decided to let folks in on a little project that will eventually be the actual Mini-Game within Otherworld: Chronicles of the Blades.

Due in part to loads of help from Notla-san the resident PC wizard and local expert I know in Flash and Java...we'll be setting up a Demo-version of the Mini-game Prism Duel, for your enjoyment.

....Just be patient....this is a slow ongoing process...^_^;;*sweat*

Meanwhile, I'll be going over the Rules and Specifics in the Next Few Pages, so without further Ado.

Prism Duel

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